Defence and Security Electronics

The Business Unit provides mission-critical premium electronics for air, land, sea and space platforms as well as land based infrastructures and is a longstanding partner of system integrators worldwide.

In the defence domain its portfolio is focussing on areas such as surveillance and reconnaissance, air traffic control, signal intelligence, mission electronics and platform self-protection. The Business Unit is a principal partner in the development of major radar programmes and provides integrated logistics support, maintenance and upgrades. In particular, it drives the development and application of next-generation active electronically scanning (AESA) radars for air, naval and ground applications.

In the field of electronic warfare, the Business Unit supplies electronic protection systems for military vehicles, aircraft and ships, such as laser warning, missile warning and active electronic countermeasure units. Furthermore, the portfolio also comprises avionics equipment, such as avionics computers, digital map units, flight data recording units and pilot assistance systems for helicopters. Transversally, multi-sensor integration and data fusion technology is particularly useful creating added value by combining radars with optronic sensors. Optronics, such as cameras, telescopes, thermal imaging devices and periscopes, constitute indispensable elements of situational awareness for naval, airborne and ground vehicles.

Among the most prominent platforms equipped by the Business Unit's products are Eurofighter Typhoon (radar, self-protection, avionics), Lockheed Martin F-16 (missile warner) the NH90 and Tiger helicopters, the “Freedom” class Littoral Combat Ships of the US Navy and the F125 frigates of the German Navy as well as the “Leopard II” main battle tank and the “Puma” Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the German Army.